Our Mission

1. The aim of the Speak for Future Program is to improve communication skills of the young generation by providing school youth with free-of-charge foreign languages lessons, which in consequence should create the solid basis for professional and personal development, enhancing the individual interests and creating among students the sense of being the members of the global society and the awareness of social and economic responsibility.

2. As Volunteers we intend to share our knowledge gained throughout our professional development – and thus inspire our students. Our Team is composed of Volunteers originating from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. We aim to promote  the mutual tolerance and building bridges amongst cultures, nations and generations.

We believe that our mission is in line with the Global Goals – determined in 2015 by the United Nations as issues particularly important for the Member States. The goals which are particularly important in the Program framework are:

Goal no. 4 – Quality education;
Goal no. 8 – Good jobs and economic growth
Goal no. 10 – Reduced inequalities.

We volunteer to build better future