About us

The Speak For Future team is an international group of volunteers from a variety of linguistic and professional backgrounds, who have come together to offer free language classes to children in need in the Warsaw area.

Our team includes volunteers from Poland, Brazil, Turkey, Ireland, India, Latvia, Ukraine, Cyprus, UK and USA. The languages we teach include English, French, Russian, and Portuguese.

We think there is a genuine need for new approaches in language support and education in Warsaw, and endeavour to help meet that need. We feel that there a huge professionals from all walks of life in the city, and see it as our mission to guide and facilitate these volunteers in sharing their wide variety of skills, experiences and, of course, languages with the children of Warsaw.

We started our program in partnership with a primary school in the Żoliborz district, where our dedicated team of volunteers taught English, French, Russian and Portuguese lessons to children of all age groups, from the first to the sixth grade.

Currently, we offer group classes to primary school children and are working to expand our range of services to also provide support for middle and high school students, as well as a partnership with a network of orphanages in the city. We started cooperation with an orphanage in May 2017.

Schools we are cooperating with:

  1. Szkoła Podstawowa nr 68 – Warszawa Żoliborz
  2. Ośrodek Wsparcia Dziecka i Rodziny “KOŁO” w Warszawie

We believe that language skills will help children build better future for themselves and also build bridges between cultures and countries – for all of us.

We volunteer to build better future